ENSTA Bretagne : formation en systèmes numériques et sécurité
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The MOCS team – Methods and tools for circuit and system design

The MOCS team’s research work (Lab-STICC laboratory) focuses on the development of high-level methodological approaches based on the modeling of systems using different viewpoints to understand behaviors, properties and essential parameters. The goal is to simulate and formally check the systems’ operation.

The team works on methodologies based on the association of heterogeneous models, as well as on scalable model checking: proving the systems’ correctness by construction.

The team also works on the securing of the compilation flow for reconfigurable circuits and on the virtualization of reconfigurable architectures to design durable and secure systems on chip (SoC).


  • Modeling and simulation techniques
  • Programming languages and their semantics
  • Formal verification techniques
  • Reconfigurable hardware virtualization and programming techniques
  • Computer security and cyberdefense
ENSTA Bretagne is involved in the following research programs

Associating executable models for the operational simulation of defense systems. In collaboration with Sodius.


Execution and formal verification of the models of systems developed using the NATO Architecture Framework (NAF). In collaboration with PragmaDev.


Securing overlay architectures for digital circuits to remain operational for long periods of time (school study).


Ciprian Téodorov
Associate Professor
IT Departement
Lab-STICC laboratory / SHARP Department / P4S Team
+33 (0)2 98 34 89 53