ENSTA Bretagne : Loto BDE

ENSTA Bretagne students mobilized for the Telethon

Student Life
In December, the Students' Union (Bureau des étudiants - BDE) organized a lottery for the Telethon. This event allowed them to raise funds for the AFM, which finances research and helps patients suffering from muscular dystrophy.

Why did you choose to organize a lottery for the Telethon?

As part of the 2021 edition of the Telethon, we wanted to organize an activity that would allow as many students and staff as possible to take part and thus raise as much money as possible for the French Muscular Dystrophy Association (Association française contre les myopathies).
Other students from the school had already organized actions for this event in previous years and we wanted to contribute to it as well.

How did the organization of the lotto go?

Very well! The event was mainly organized by Chloé, Nolan, Laurent and Pierre from the Students' Union (BDE). The other members of the Students' Union were on hand to help prepare the room, set up the tables, sell the grids, check the health passes, coordinate, etc.
A lottery means prizes. We thus called on shops in Brest to collect some nice gifts to be won by participants, and this went quite well.

How did the event go?

Everyone had a good time and the winners were very happy with the prizes they won!
An auction was improvised for a lot that was not won during the game, which allowed us to raise a bonus sum of €150. Thanks to the 70 students taking part, we raised a good amount of money that we donated in full to the Telethon.