COVID-19: the situation at ENSTA Bretagne

ENSTA Bretagne
ENSTA Bretagne is now closed from 17 March, 12.00. Lessons, research and most support activities are continuing remotely.
Article updated 23 March 2020 (paragraphs indicated by an asterisk).

In accordance with the instructions of the President of the Republic, and the Decree of 16 March 2020 referring to travel restrictions within the framework of the fight against the spread of the Covid-19 Virus, ENSTA Bretagne has informed its students and staff of the closure of ENSTA Bretagne from 17 March onwards until further instructions.

The school has prepared for this scenario and started its distance learning activities on 16 March, thanks to the digital platforms already extensively used by the students and the teaching staff.  The students are regularly informed of the precise instructions and arrangements by the Head of Faculty’s Office, which is managing this exceptional distance learning measure, deployed with the help of the Computer Department.

Main measures
Main prevention measures

They changed on the17 March and are as follows:

  • The students, including international students and staff, are at home, except for the very few people who are on duty, who will be present from time to time this week, for urgent administrative and technical matters which cannot be settled at a distance.
  • The students and co-operative (apprentice) engineers in their schooling sequence, have been studying at home since 16 March.
  • Some students have chosen to continue living in the students’ hall of residence, which remains open, with the same isolation and travel restrictions. The school’s restaurant will close on 18 March. Food warming facilities have been made available.
  • Interns within ENSTA Bretagne were requested to stay at home on 16 March .
  • Lecturers, research engineers and PhD students are also continuing their activities from home. Testing has been stopped except for certain long-term experiments, and access to the experiment facilities has also been stopped until further instructions.
  • Administrative and support activities are continuing remotely via teleworking, with a few rare exceptions (urgent technical maintenance, administrative tasks that are from time to time carried out at school by a limited number of staff: pay, purchases, computer issues). 
  • During this period of closure, purchases will be limited to those deemed necessary by the Secretary General of the school .
International issues 

Over several days and weeks, the Dean of Faculty and the Head of International Development and Partnerships have been closely following students training or on an internship abroad. These situations are being dealt with on a case-by-case basis due to the diverse circumstances in the host countries.

Partner universities in the following countries have been closed until further notice, and our students are encouraged either to remain in their residence, or  to come back to their families in France (list of countries updated on 17 March 2020): Germany, Australia (Flinders: university closed), Brazil (UFRJ: university closed, border on the point of being closed), Canada (Dalhousie: university closed, border on the point of being closed), Colombia (UniAndes : university closed), Spain (UPC Barcelona and  Saragosse University closed, the borders are closing tonight at midnight), Italy, the Netherlands (TU Delft : university closed), Poland, Portugal (Porto and Lisbonne : universities closed, the borders are almost closed), Czech Republic (CVUT closed, borders closed), UK (Cranfield and Heriot Watt : universities closed), USA. 

¾ of the closed universities are offering distance learning

The students concerned have sent word on Ariane. If they choose to return to France, it is essential that they contact the embassy or consulate beforehand and warn the school relations.internationales(a)

Moreover, many 2nd and 3rd year students who were planning to go on an internship have been affected

  • 3rd year students (2020 cohort) who were due to go abroad for their end-of-studies internship, have been advised to contact their internship company or laboratory to check the procedures for any changes (modified dates and internship length), then to inform the Dean of Faculty’s Office (Direction de la Formation). Moreover, all travel abroad has been stopped from 17 March onwards until further instruction.
  • Things are still not clear for 2nd year students (2021 cohort) who have arranged an internship abroad (from May or June onwards). Without changing their plans we strongly recommended that they prepare for any changes by looking for an alternative internship host in France, just in case. The school (Dean of Faculty’s Office and the Head of Company Relations : and the alumni network (  are here to help them.
  • Exceptionally, in accordance with the recommendations of the CTI, the current obligations as to experience abroad and compulsory internship duration have been waivered and will be modified accordingly.  

All staff trips abroad have been postponed until 30 April (permanent staff, PhD students, research engineers ) whatever the destination


ENSTA Bretagne is aware of the potential difficulties encountered by companies and other establishments in receiving internships students. As each situation should be approached on a case-by-case basis, the students have been instructed to contact their internship host to find out the exact situation. 

The internship duration and date obligations have been waivered. Thus, companies can delay the internship offer and the duration can be altered. Wherever possible, teleworking could be proposed and in any case, the students are encouraged to start work on their internship subject.

The internship remains an essential element for our students, for their own good and the value of their training,.
Under these exceptional circumstances, ENSTA Bretagne is remaining solicitous and benevolent towards its students and attentive to the expectations of its partners.

Impact on events organized at ENSTA Bretagne

Our partners will receive more complete  information in the next few hours and days. The following events have been postponed (the decision to cancel them will be published later if they cannot be postponed):

  • The « change your views about handicap » morning (17 March): cancelled or postponed
  • IETA job dating (18 March): cancelled or postponed
  • ISO 9001:2015 follow-up audit (24-25 March): postponed
  • “100 women, 100 careers: tomorrow’s engineers” (2 April): cancelled
  • Godparenting” of the 2021 cohort by Antoine Bouvier, Head of Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions and Public Affairs at Airbus: postponed
  • Reunion weekend for the 2012 and 2015 cohorts (15 May): probably postponed
Impact on sporting activities and student life

All extra-curricula sports and association activities run by ENSTA Bretagne clubs , are also postponed until further instruction. The following events have therefore been postponed or cancelled;

  • The BDE (Student Union) election campaign (from 16 March until 8 April): postponed
  • The Serious Game “La Fresque du Climat » (« The Climate Saga ») (of 17 March): postponed or cancelled
  • The Grand Ouest Junior Enterprises Congress (21-22 March): 2020 edition cancelled
Useful contacts and links
For students
For staff
  • Administrative procedures for teleworking, giving notification of sick leave: : rh(a)
  • Access to/instructions on distance resources, questions about computer equipmenthelpdesksi(a)
  • All practical information is on the intranet while the school is closed (access after identification: “se connecter” web button)
For our partners
For any other questions
Coronavirus-19 : ce qu'il faut savoir

Reminder of hygene measures

We remind you of the hygene and prevention measures necessary to protect your health and that of those around you:

  • Stay at home
  • Keep to the recommended distance away from others on those rare occasions when you travel
  • Wash your hands really frequently
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow
  • Use single-use tissues and throw them away

If you are showing or think you are showing symptoms : 

  • Call your general practitioner (do not block the emergency-only number 15 ; for any non-medical question, call 0800 130 000 : free number)
  • Do not go to hospital
  • *Inform the school