ENSTA Bretagne : participation à l'édition 2021 de "100 femmes, 100 métiers : ingénieure demain"

Become an engineer? Why not!

ENSTA Bretagne
On Thursday 25 March, the "100 women, 100 jobs, tomorrow's engineer!" operation in the Finistère department celebrated its 10th anniversary. Eight witnesses from four engineering prestigious graduate schools in Brest, including ENSTA Bretagne, spent nearly two hours in a virtual discussion on the engineering profession with more than 350 high school girls.
ENSTA Bretagne : Témoignages de diplômées et étudiantes ingénieures

Organised by the Finistère UIMM, the event included ENSTA Bretagne, IMT Atlantique, ENIB and ISEN. A student and a graduate from each school were present to share their experiences and provide insight about the engineering profession.

Raising awareness about engineering professions and encouraging high school girls to ask themselves the question "why not me?" »

In each of the 10 participating high schools, an ambassador was designated to speak and put questions to the eight witnesses. Required academic level, international aspects, inequalities, responsibilities... the many subjects raised highlighted the wide diversity in the careers, daily lives and fields of the women engineers and students present.

Laura, an apprentice engineer at ENSTA Bretagne, working for Naval Group as an engineer responsible for SNLE accommodation studies said:

There are many ways to get to engineering school. People often talk about preparatory classes, but personally, I studied at an IUT before embarking on the ENSTA Bretagne co-operative engineering program. Make inquiries, there are many ways to do this.
The witnesses all pointed out that, as an engineer, many doors are open, making it easy to change career paths.

On approaching their forties, many of my friends decided to break away from their daily routine and change their field. They had no difficulty in doing this. Personally, being able to listen to sounds in the water (underwater acoustics) has always fascinated me. Innovation is constant and I never stop learning!

explained Sidonie, an ENSTA Bretagne graduate and sonar expert at Thales.

In spite of the distance imposed by the health context, the participants appreciated the closeness and sincerity of the discussions as well as the well-paced, enthusiastic moderation of the event by Christiane Gillet, a teacher/researcher in human sciences at ENSTA Bretagne.