ENSTA Bretagne : formation développement durable énergies marines renouvelables

22 international students learn about MREs with BEST

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Marine Renewable Energies
From 26 October to 2 November, 22 hand-picked European students will be in Brest for a week of training in marine renewable energies, organized by the ENSTA Bretagne BEST Association.

The BEST European network

Created approximately a year ago, the « BEST ENSTA Bretagne » student association is an integral part of the BEST European network. The Board of European Students of Technology represents about one hundred local groups in 32 European countries. In France, only 6 graduate schools are members.

This network encourages contact between European students by organizing original, attractive and financially accessible events.

Martin, student engineer at ENSTA Bretagne

A first training course dedicated to marine renewable energies (MREs)

Since the creation of the association, several ENSTA Bretagne student engineers have benefitted from the “courses” proposed by the network. Their program combines courses and cultural visits at very reasonable rates (about €50).

"This summer I was lucky enough to go on my first BEST course…in Iceland !! Honestly, I expected a lot but not as much as that. I met really fantastic students from all over Europe and shared incredible experiences and evenings out, learned lots of things, saw magnificent landscapes…It was an unforgettable experience…". Marine, co-op engineer at ENSTA Bretagne.

The first course proposed by the BEST ENSTA Bretagne group combines 23 hours of lessons on marine renewable energies combined with an extensive cultural program.

The course is mostly delivered by the Specialized Advanced Master in Marine Renewable Energies teachers.

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