Ensta Bretagne : AS Natation

Swimming Club

The aim of this association is to coach, practice and train for swimming competitions. All levels are welcome, you just need to know how to swim. There are training sessions especially for each level and a coach to help the students throughout the session.
ENSTA Bretagne : AS Natation

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Chinese Portrait:

If the association were…

  • A film or a book : Big Blue
  • An animal : The Dolphin
  • A famous person (real or imaginary):  Flipper the Dolphin


The Swimming Club has about twenty members
ENSTA Bretagne : AS Natation

Events/Memorable moments in the year:

  • TSGED : French Graduate Defense Schools’ Sports Tournament
  • The Lannion Competition
  • The Rennes Competition

Latest awards:

TSGED 2019 : Silver medal in the women’s 50m freestyle and men’s 100m freestyle



AS Natation
Association Sportive