ENSTA Bretagne : bureau des élèves 2018-2019

The Student Union (BDE) : a new team at the helm

Student Life
After three weeks of energetic campaigning, an incredible quantity of crepes distributed, challenges a gogo….a new team were elected at the head of the Student Union. Blas, 1st year apprentice engineer at ENSTA Bretagne was elected president. Interview:

Campaign feedback

The election campaign for the BDE is one of the most memorable moments for students at ENSTA Bretagne. How did it go this year? What will you look back on about these 3 weeks? 

The campaign this year was very energetic. Each list proposed numerous evenings, challenges, games etc to obtain as many votes as possible. And despite the competition between the two lists, relations between the two groups remained excellent.

Personally, what I will remember of these 3 weeks is the constant amount of energy they needed, like a marathon. Except here it involved all the group. We pulled out all the stops together so that the other students had fun.

Organization of the new line-up

The new line-up is getting the ball rolling little by little. How have you organized your team? As an apprentice engineer, in company for 50% of your time, how are you going to manage when you are away?

Indeed, the union is starting out progressively and some are beginning to fully assume their duties. We are 24 students involved, 7 are managers

For the first time, the president of the BDE is a FIPA. This is something we have to manage as I am present for 50% of my time in school. Therefore, the role of my vice president is really important. Nevertheless, my company is in Brest. I can thus continue to fully carry out my duties.


Among your projects, which ones are your priorities for this mandate? You are the first president of the BDE to have apprentice engineer status, does that mean you want to set up new or different activities which take into account the different statuses of the students on campus?

For this mandate, our priority is to ensure good integration between the different types of students (apprentices, student-engineers, foreign, master and advanced master students). To do so, we will pick up the work on the different statuses where the previous BDE left off and continue to enable everyone to join in life at the school and the BDE.

As an apprentice engineer, this project is really dear to me as diversity within the school is a source of sharing. Opening up to all these different profiles can only be beneficial.

Message to future ENSTA Bretagne students

The new 2018 school year is already being prepared. What message would you like to pass on to the future students who will discover your BDE in several weeks?

ENSTA Bretagne is a school full of opportunities to be grasped and student life is extremely rich. The BDE and myself are really looking forward to meeting you and sharing some memorable moments. See you soon !