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Projects galore for the Robotics Club

ENSTA Bretagne
After a break owing to the Covid-19 crisis, this year the Robotics Club is back! It currently brings together nearly 30 first- and second-year students who all share an enthusiasm for this field and its associated technological challenges.

What are the various activities organized by the Robotics Club?

At the moment, our aim is to federate the Robotics group and train its members to ensure the Club keeps running in the future. As a lot of first-year students joined the club, we (in our second year) have spent time supporting them in our various projects. Passing on our knowledge was a major investment on our part – but a wholly rewarding one.

We began with group sessions every Monday from September. We then split into different groups. One team worked on the robot that we used during the French Robotics Cup for example, while other students worked on a secondary robot.

coupe de France de robotique

How did you prepare for the French Robotics Cup

To design and build the robot, we made considerable use of the tools available at ENSTA Bretagne. The various technical challenges we encountered helped us to gain a better grasp of what we are learning on our course and to put this into practice.

We spent a lot of time debugging. Sometimes we would devote a whole day to trying to get to the bottom of a problem, then a few days later we would learn a new technique in class that would enable us to quickly work out the solution. That might have initially struck us as a bit frustrating, but it was also satisfying being able to come up with solutions ourselves, in a rather roundabout and more complicated way. The end result is all that matters, and in that sense, we learned a lot from our experience at the Robotics Club.

How would you rate your experience at the Robotics Club?

It was a very rewarding experience! We not only learned, but also shared our knowledge with other students. We’re very grateful for the support we got from the school (technical assistance from the teaching staff and grants from the school), as thanks to that we were able to see our project through.

The Club is well and truly back on its feet now. Lots of first-year students have demonstrated their motivation throughout the projects and will continue developing the club next year.