ENSTA Bretacle : Spectacle des Pom-Pom et Pim-Pim lors du gala de l'école

Pom-Pom and Pim-Pim

The aim of the « ENSTA Bretagne Pom-Pom and Pim-Pim » is to represent the school through dancing and cheerleading, during internal school events and also external events (the ball, sports events…).
ENSTA Bretagne : club Pom-Pom et Pim-Pim

#Unity, #Friendship #Dedication 

Chinese Portrait:

If the association were…

  • A film: it would be Toy Story, you only progress if you help each other !
  • An animal: it would be an ant, as ants need each other to live and join in the group effort
  • A famous person: it would be Virginie Guyot
The club consists of many (pom-pom) girls and also (pim-pim) boys.
ENSTA Bretagne : Show pom-pom Gala

Events/memorable moments in the year:

  • The school ball
  • The International Morning
  • The Open Day
  • Ovalies


During the school ball, the club put on a show for over 800 people !


Pom-pom and pim-pim
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