ENSTA Bretagne : concert du club musique lors du gala de l'école

Music Club

The Music Club is above all the important social hub of the campus. Situated in the Student’s Building, musicians and onlookers come to while away the evenings.
Civilian or military, foreigners or Bretons, masters or PhD students, rock or Baroque fans, there is something for everyone! There are many jam sessions and concerts organized throughout the year.

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If the association were…

  • An expression…it would be #Get The Right Balance
  • A film “Joyeux Bordel” by Will Speck
  • An animal: the Black Bass
  • A famous person (real or imaginary): Marty McFly
Almost 100 masters and PhD students make up the Music Club.
ENSTA Bretagne : concert du club musique avec saxophoniste lors du gala

The Year’s Events/memorable moments 

  • Gala de Prestige
  • National Music Festival
  • Jam Sessions

Latest awards/performances

The smiles on our friends’ faces when they are having a good time!


Music Club
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