ENSTA Bretane : Match de Basket Féminin sur le campus pendant la saison 2019/2020

Ladies basketball

The ladies basketball sports association brings beginners and experienced players together in an atmosphere of joy and good spirits. Training takes place every Wednesday evening and the matches on Thursday afternoons or the weekend.
ENSTA Bretagne : Conseils du coach pendant un match de basket féminin

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Chinese Portrait: 

If the association were…

  • A hashtag: #Teamspirit
  • A series: High School Musical
  • An animal: a giraffe
  • A famous person: Tony Parker
The association is composed of about fifteen female basketball players

Memorable moments in the year 

  • District match (FFSU)


  • 3e  au TSGED 2019 (l'événement a été annulé en 2020).


Ladies basketball
Sports association