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Jakob Owens

Inauguration of the ISblue interdisciplinary graduate school for the Blue Planet

ENSTA Bretagne
On Wednesday January 30 2019, the ISblue interdisciplinary graduate school for the Blue Planet was inaugurated in Brest. This marine science and technology-focused establishment was selected to receive financing from the Investments for the Future (PIA) program, thereby affirming northwest Brittany’s leadership in higher education for this strategic sector.

An interdisciplinary marine science and technology graduate school

Similar to other Écoles Universitaires de Recherche (French graduate schools), ISblue is founded on a close collaboration between research centers, universities and engineering schools and aims to promote existing and create new training and research programs in its field.

The school is set to develop a significant international presence and strong ties to economic stakeholders focused on 5 main themes: 

  • The ocean and climate control
  • Ocean/Earth interactions
  • Sustainable coastal systems
  • The living ocean and ecosystem services
  • Long-term observation systems for understanding the ocean

ISblue is a French graduate school modeled after similar establishments worldwide which offer Master's and PhD programs for both new graduates and lifelong learners.

By positioning itself at the top of the higher education ladder, ISblue enhances the quality and attractiveness of its members’ training programs and the scope of the research carried out in their internationally-recognized laboratories.

ISblue benefits from the support of multiple partner organizations.

Isblue s'appuie sur un ensemble de partenaires
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