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Helping students and graduates look for internships and jobs

ENSTA Bretagne
In this uncertain economic context, finding an internship or a first job is proving much more complicated than in previous years. To help its students and young graduates, ENSTA Bretagne and ENSTA Bretagne Alumni, have got together to offer privileged access to the school’s partner companies and graduate networks

Many key events

From the beginning of the school year, several key events have been organized: a virtual forum from 5 to 7 October followed by a forum on campus on 13 October.

Armelle Guiader, head of business relations at ENSTA Bretagne :

« We organized a first virtual forum, or rather a mixed forum last May. The format worked well, so we decided to do it again this autumn. This one is complementary to the face-to-face one that we organized”.

In the current context, some companies do not or cannot travel. Proposing several organizational possibilities thus offers them a good solution. As for the student and young graduate applicants, they adapt. That increases the possibilities to have talks and helps them join a company. 

There are other possibilities under this initiative. For example, there is a Job Dating session proposed by the UIMM at the beginning of October and the Forum Ouest Avenir (Career Fair) which takes place in November (an event organized by students from several Brest graduate schools including ENSTA Bretagne).

Un Tailored assistance

Every day, new internship and job offers are published.

  • To find the internship offers, students can consult their JobTeaser space and sign up to the mailing list. They will then receive all the offers from the school’s partners on their messaging service.
  • For graduates, job offers are published online on the ENSTA Bretagne Alumni. site. This has just been updated to provide a better service for graduates and students. The offers are also passed on via LinkedIn and Facebook private groups.

Anne-Laure Marec, ENSTA Bretagne Alumni association :

Every day, we communicate to the graduates via social networks. We have created a link, a network which enables us to be rapidly informed of any company requirements and to identify the student and graduate profiles required. Our network is very dynamic and responsive. That is priceless in the current context.


Armelle Guiader
Industrial Relations Manager
+33 (0)2 98 34 88 44