ENSTA Bretagne et Naval Group créent le laboratoire commun SENI sur les systèmes embarqués navals intelligents
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ENSTA Bretagne and Naval Group create SENI

Embedded Systems
Naval Group and ENSTA Bretagne have created « SENI » : a new joint research and innovation laboratory dedicated to the design and development of embedded naval intelligence systems. The applications are designed to gather information on the environment, the workings of a vessel and to implement the on board decision-making process and action plans.
ENSTA Bretagne & Naval Groupe créent SENI : un nouveau laboratoire commun de recherche et d'innovation sur les systèmes embarqués navals intelligents
© Julien Ogor, ENSTA Bretagne

The SENI laboratory creates new joint fields of research between ENSTA Bretagne and Naval Group

In line with Naval Group’s dynamic attitude to innovation and collaborative research, this joint laboratory will enhance the transfer of knowledge and know-how between the academic and industrial worlds

For Naval Group, cooperation with an academic partner such as ENSTA Bretagne has two advantages rolled into one.

  • Firstly, it accelerates innovation in the military naval sector, guaranteeing its clients technological superiority in the context of increasingly fierce international competition. 
  • Secondly, it increases ENSTA Bretagne students’ awareness of the specific nature of the products and knowhow of Naval Group to recruit tomorrow’s best talent.

The first joint research laboratory, Gustave Zédé, celebrates its 4th anniversary

Partners for many years in training research engineers, Naval Group and ENSTA Bretage have also celebrated the fourth anniversary of their « Gustave Zédé » joint laboratory, studying the resistance, stability and durability of materials used mainly in naval applications..

After the good track record of the first joint laboratory in mechanical sciences, launched at the end of 2015, the result has been the birth of a second joint laboratory between the two partners in a totally different scientific field, encompassing research themes such as autonomous marine robotics and artificial intelligence.