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  • Head of the "Propulsion and Pyrotechnics" Master
  • coordinator of "fluids, structures, interactions" group
Field(s) of application
  • Aeronautics and space
  • Defense and Security
Teaching missions presentation
Teaching about shocks, impacts, explosions
Most recent publications

Towards hybridization of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene composites by thermally sprayed alumina: Feasibility and bond strength assessment

R. Bensaada, Aboulghit El Malki Alaoui, G. Darut, S. Costil, M. Arrigoni

Materials & Design, 2023, 227, pp.111779. ⟨10.1016/j.matdes.2023.111779⟩

Experimental evidence of shock wave measurements with low-velocity (

G. Boutoux, J.-M. Chevalier, M. Arrigoni, L. Berthe, R. Beuton, B. Bicrel, A. Galtié, D. Hébert, J. Le Clanche, S. Loillier, Didier Loison, P. Maury, Y. Raffray, L. Videau

Review of Scientific Instruments, 2023, 94 (3), pp.033905. ⟨10.1063/5.0107499⟩

Experimental Characterization of Internal Structure and Physical Properties of Unidirectional Ply‐Level Hybrid Carbon Composite Material

Maria Casapu, Ion Fuiorea, M. Arrigoni

Advanced Engineering Materials, In press, pp.2201447. ⟨10.1002/adem.202201447⟩

Corrosion and Electrochemical Properties of Laser-Shock-Peening-Treated Stainless Steel AISI 304L in VVER Primary Water Environment

Xavier Arnoult, Mariana Arnoult-Růžičková, Jan Maňák, Alberto Viani, Jan Brajer, Michel Arrigoni, Radek Kolman, Jan Macák

Metals, 2022, 12 (10), pp.1702. ⟨10.3390/met12101702⟩

Mechanical Properties of Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene (tensylon) from Tensile Tests

Luminita-Cristina Alil, M. Arrigoni, Cristian Barbu, Guilhem Bles, Lorena Deleanu, Pavel Mostovykh, Simona Sandu

Materiale Plastice, 2022, 59 (1), pp.51-69. ⟨10.37358/MP.22.1.5559⟩