ENSTA Bretagne : Gabriel étudiant en césure à bord de l'Escapade

Can you escape from Escapade?

Student Life
Gabriel, an engineering student in mobile robotics at ENSTA Bretagne, decided to carry out an entrepreneurial project during his gap year. "Escapade" is a traveling escape game that he imagined and created from scratch. This adventure led him to travel the roads of France.
ENSTA Bretagne : ordinateur accès bloqué de l'escape game

How did your escape game project come about?

I had this idea while talking with a friend when I was on an internship in Finland. I realized that once I started working professionnally, this project would be difficult to carry out. So I had to do it now!
When my gap year project was approved by the school, I bought an ambulance. With the help of my uncle, I redid the vehicle's trim. I've always liked tinkering with things, but this experience let me develop new skills in this area. It took me about a month and a half to imagine the escape game, and then five months to fully complete it.
Now that everything's working, I travel from town to town, driving an old ambulance, to offer the escape game to students and town residents. I often get good feedback from the Student Unions of universities, engineering schools or management schools…

ENSTA Bretagne : vaisseau de secours de l'Escapade

Can you describe the scenario of Escapade? 

You're a spaceship crew member. Your ship is hit by a shower of asteroids, the oxygen supplies are damaged and you only have 60 minutes survival time to escape. Can you evacuate the ship in time?

What does the game involve for the players?

It's both a hands-on and virtual game the aim of which is to control a robot. When the game starts, the players have very little information. As they go along, they have to press various buttons to access clues and solve puzzles in order to finish the game. While they're playing, I'm in the cab at the front of the vehicle and can communicate with them to help them progress in the game.

ENSTA Bretagne : outil de recherche fréquences Escapade.

Do the skills you acquired in engineering school help you in this project?

Yes, I've always enjoyed tinkering with small embedded systems with Arduino boards in particular, and I was able to refine my skills in this area, especially during robotics projects. But it’s also my experience in the Student Union that’s helping me: it allows me to know what I am talking about when I contact Student Unions from other schools to present my activity.

What did you learn most from this adventure?

I learned a lot about communication and anticipation. There is nothing better than contacting people by phone and making arrangements in advance. I'm far from perfect on this, but I'm getting better!

What good and bad surprises have you encountered?

The best surprise is the response of customers! I've had nothing but positive and encouraging feedback so far. That was my first concern so I'm really happy that my escape game has met with people's approval. Now I need to improve my communication to fully book my days.

Practical information about Escapade:

  • 2 to 4 players per game
  • €12 per person
  • Website: escapade-game.fr
  • Instagram: escapade_game