ENSTA Bretagne : Campagne BDE 2020

2 weeks after the digital campaign, a new student union team is in office

Student Life
In the rather strange context of the confinement, the election campaign for the new Bureau Des Eleves (BDE or student union) was thrown up in the air : the dates were postponed, then a 100% digital campaign was organized. The different lists had to really use their imagination to convince a majority of students of their ability to manage student life in their school in any situation.
At the end of the campaign, the list led by Benjamin Gagnac, « ENST Apollo » ,won the elections. Read on for his interview.

How did this BDE campaign take place?

Benjamin, new BDE president : Usually, the BDE campaigns last 3 weeks and include evenings, games and numerous activities which result in a victory for one of the lists to become the next BDE. 
This health crisis forced us to run a completely original digital campaign. We had to prepare quality live broadcasts full of attractive content so that the students, who were mostly at home, were attracted to these campaigns.

Many of us were skeptical as to whether the new format would succeed, but it turned out that most students felt involved and played along so that we spent a crazy 2 weeks.

How did you and your team manage these changes?

Our list had been preparing for a few months before the lockdown. When the confinement was announced (3 days before the original start date) we were plunged into total confusion as to the shape and form. As soon as the digital campaigns were announced, we invested in streaming equipment and reorganized the list into the different groups required by the new format (the “live” group, the “editing” group etc). This organization enabled us to handle this period as well as possible!

During the wait, the hardest thing was to stay motivated and ready to start at any moment. The change needed a lot of thought on the part of the entire team so that the campaigns went as well as expected.

For you, what were the memorable moments of this challenge?

To be honest, the presentation of our film, which marked the start of our campaigns, was one of the most memorable moments of the two weeks. After long months of impatience, we finally got down to it!
Finally, the few seconds following the results were certainly the most intense that we had ever experienced. I was so overjoyed it is hard to describe.

What activities are you going to start working on first?

Firstly, we are going to organize a warm welcome for the new students so that they feel at home in their first few moments at ENSTA Bretagne and that they can take advantage of the welcoming atmosphere in the school.

Could you give a quick run-through of your program?

We have decided to create the position of Head of Sustainable Development (DD in French) to encourage student awareness and propose concrete activities in line with this cause which is becoming an increasingly important part of society. We will also offer to show students Brittany, its countryside and gastronomy through many cultural activities and relations with local farmers.

Then, we will try to create cells fighting against all forms of inequality, especially homophobia and sexism which we particularly want to combat.
Finally, we wish to organize a maximum number of events and especially organize an ENSTA Bretagne festival in the future.

What message do you want to send to the “crammers” who are soon going to take the competitive entrance exams?

You are certainly hesitating in choosing among the many schools, but remember you are all welcome in the ENSTA Bretagne family! We are part of a school which offers varied (and sometimes unique) training courses which are all incredibly interesting. But beyond the academic stuff, whether you are a party-goer, artist or sportsman or woman, you will certainly find a club or association which is made for you!