ENSTA Bretagne : nouveau site web pour l'association ENSTA Bretagne Alumni

A new website for Alumni

ENSTA Bretagne
The website of the ENSTA Bretagne Alumni association has been completely revamped to cater more effectively to its members’ expectations and needs. The new platform helps to connect ENSTA Bretagne students, graduates and industrial partners and makes new practical tools available to members.

The new website is the fruit of several months’ worth of brainstorming and work. A project team bringing together students, graduates, an ENSTA Bretagne representative (administration), a Board member and association official worked on the specifications and gave their views of various tools available on the market.

The chosen solution, developed by the firm Netanswer, incorporates a range of features that are gradually deployed across the ENSTA Bretagne Alumni website.
Most of the content can be accessed after signing in. You can find the usual online directory and Careers section, along with sections dedicated to the different user profiles: Alumni, Students and Recruiters.

One of the main innovations for the 2020/2021 year is the mentoring system which will enable young graduates from the 2020 cohort, who are looking for a job, to receive support on a one-to-one basis from alumni.
"This is an initiative we’ve been hoping to set up for a number of years now, but we didn’t have the technical apparatus in place for it. The new website makes this networking really easy. This initiative rounds off the comprehensive support mechanism already in place. We hope that it will be appreciated and prove worthwhile,” explains Anne-Laure Marec, an association official.
A mobile app is also due to come out soon, initially for Android and then on the iPhone. New features will then be rolled out over time.

To find out more, check out the ENSTA Bretagne Alumni website.


Focus on the ENSTA Bretagne Alumni association

The ENSTA Bretagne Alumni association federates and runs the network of ENSTA Bretagne graduates (and alumni of ENSIETA, as the school was previously known), whether in the civil or military fields.
Every year, the association organizes special events for Alumni to facilitate encounters and forge ties within the network. The association is very active on social media, where it posts updates and news for its communities on a daily basis.
Membership of the association is free for ENSTA Bretagne students. The price is €1/year for graduates looking for a job.