Maryline Besnard

Maryline Besnard, ENSTARTUPS business incubator manager

ENSTA Bretagne
Maryline Besnard joined ENSTA Bretagne on June 7th to manage the ENSTARTUPS business incubator. Graduating from ENSTA Bretagne in vehicle architecture and modeling in 2010, her studies led her to take part in a variety of aeronautical projects bearing on aircraft engines and renewable energies.

After completing her end-of-study internship at Safran Aircraft Engines, she remained there for the next decade, working in a range of jobs. She started out as the focal point between clients, engineering offices and subcontractors for projects concerning aircraft engine suspensions and nacelles. In the Integration department, she oversaw the whole life cycle of parts, from specification to certification within an international context.

She then joined Safran Aircraft Engines’ after-sales service where she was responsible for maintenance manuals before taking over the management of a multidisciplinary 25-person team in the logistics support and analysis department.

In 2021, she decided to move to France Energies Marines in Plouzané as a project manager. This position enabled her to undertake a family project and maintain her interest in project management while gaining an insight into the renewable energies sector. During this period, she led various environmental integration R&D programs.

She sees this new position at ENSTA Bretagne as "a tremendously exciting challenge" and a return to her roots. Within the ENSTARTUPS business incubator, Maryline Besnard is now in charge particularly of: 
•    Overall management (support, guidance, advice, resources)
•    Entrepreneurship and innovation training for engineering students
•    Promotion and support of innovation projects led by students, research professors and faculty at the school. 

These activities, which are now part of ENSTA Bretagne’s international Careers & Innovation Hub, La Ruche, will enable her to use and share her innovation- and entrepreneurship-related project management skills to enhance the school’s appeal and create value for the benefit of its ecosystem.
Over the coming months, her ambition is to develop the ENSTARTUPS strategy and to step up links between the school and the business incubator’s activities.



Maryline Besnard
ENSTARTUPS Business Incubator Manager