ENSTA Bretagne vous souhaite une bonne et heureuse année 2023

Happy New Year 2023!

ENSTA Bretagne

Let's start the year together with 3 stories.

All staff at ENSTA Bretagne wish you a happy new year 2023. Together, we invite you to start the year with 3 stories. They look at of the upcoming changes on the campus, some innovations in training and research and celebrate some great achievements.

ENSTA Bretagne : Comment se préparer aux enjeux socio-écologiques ?

What can be done to prepare for the challenges posed by socio ecological issues?

At ENSTA Bretagne, environmental issues are a fundamental aspect of engineering programs. Teaching and research teams actively rethink engineering courses and participate in maritime innovation by creating new key knowledge for a sustainable blue economy. We look at three significant examples of such contributions:

  • courses for engineering students in environmental issues,
  • design of sustainable offshore wind farms and
  • measuring the ecological status of maritime areas.
ENSTA Bretagne : De grands projets se concrétisent sur le campus

Transforming the campus

In 2023, a major renovation program is to be started at ENSTA Bretagne to improve students' living and studying conditions, including the transformation of the student hall of residence, and to expand research capabilities in mobile exploration robotics in a brand new building.. 


ENSTA Bretagne : Des parcours talentueux récompensés

Rewarding achievements of students and staff 

2022 was a tremendous year of achievements! Multitalented engineering students, PhD students and staff all took on new challenges and were rewarded for their efforts this year.

These members of the ENSTA Bretagne community distinguished themselves by inventing new technology, accomplishing original scientific research or successfully combining studies with sports training – and achieved inspiring milestones in the process. Find out more about them in this review…