ENSTA Bretagne : parrainage de promotion par naval group

ENSTA Bretagne and Naval Group strengthen their partnership during the 2019 Cohort “godparenting” ceremony

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Hervé Guillou, CEO of Naval Group has become « godparent » to the 2019 Cohort and signed a new partnership agreement with ENSTA Bretagne to further training and R&D relations in the naval sector, especially intelligent embedded systems.

Hervé Guillou, the Chief Executive Officer of Naval Group is godparent to the ENSTA Bretagne 2019 Cohort. On 24 April 2018, he came to share his experience with the 259 students of the cohort named “Gustave Zédé”, after the maritime engineer who invented the first French military submarine.

During the godparenting ceremony, Hervé Guillou reminded us of the aims of Naval Group : to enhance internationalization and make innovation part of its core growth strategy. The naval combat systems of tomorrow are designed by engineers of varying profiles, capable of allowing for the constraints of the marine environment in their technical creations. ENSTA Bretagne engineering courses, thanks to their expertise in naval design and digital technology, satisfy industrial requirements 

In this context, the partnership between ENSTA Bretagne and Naval Group in terms of training and research are set to increase.

Hervé Guillou : "This historical partnership is worthy of being continually strengthened which is the aim of this partnership agreement that we have signed. Research, digital processing and international development are the paths we are following, as we both aim to attract and train the best talents coming from abroad, starting with Australia . Thus, we are building on our respective fields of excellence to bring new and even more ambitious perspectives to our partnership to take on numerous new challenges together".

Naval Group is the European leader in defense and a major player in Renewable Marine Energies, thanks to its exceptional knowhow, unique industrial means and its ability to build innovative, strategic partnerships.

Naval Group had a 3.2 billion euro turnover in 2016 and about 12 800 staff.

    ENSTA Bretagne/Naval Group partnership

    Following the success of their first joint laboratory named « Gustave Zédé, created in 2015, Naval Group and ENSTA Bretagne are continuing their cooperation. Being in many forms and guaranteeing numerous synergies in training and research, the partnership between Naval Group and ENSTA Bretagne covers seven technical and scientific fields to a varying degree:

    • The fatigue and shock resistance of structures, metallic assemblies and composites ;
    • Signal processing submarine acoustics, ocean sensing;
    • Terrestrial and maritime robotics;
    • Systems engineering, particularly model-driven engineering;
    • Renewable marine energies;
    • Energetic materials including pyrotechnics and anaerobic propulsion;
    • Social sciences applied to questions concerning the training and professionalization of engineers.
    ENSTA Bretagne : parrainage de la promotion 2019 par Naval group
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    Julien Ogor