ENSTA Bretagne et l'institut IngéBlue

CentraleSupélec and ESTACA join IngéBlue, a naval innovation institute

ENSTA Bretagne
ESTACA and CentraleSupelec have joined the interdisciplinary naval engineering institute IngéBlue, created in 2022 to bring together the research, innovation and training capabilities of its members in naval engineering on a national level. Now including 13 institutions, IngéBlue is strengthening its capability to carry out ambitious interdisciplinary cooperative projects.
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An institute created to contribute to the development of the blue economy

For the last few years, issues related to the oceans have become increasingly important in the public debate, whether it be resources of all kinds (food, energy, etc.) that they contain, or naval transport, or security and environmental issues. This is a strategic issue for France, which has the world's second largest naval area and has to meet the technological challenges of naval engineering in a context of increased competition.

IngéBlue wants to be part of this framework by contributing to synergies in the field of research, innovation and training for the sustainable development of the blue economy.

A cooperation between 13 institutions from all over France to bring together research, innovation and training capabilities in naval engineering

In signing the IngéBlue charter, CentraleSupelec and ESTACA have joined the 11 founding members - 7 graduate and postgraduate schools (grandes écoles) (ENSTA Bretagne, ENSTA Paris, ENIB, Centrale Marseille, ENSM, IMT Atlantique, Ecole navale), 3 universities (UBS, UBO, Toulon) and Shom (French national hydrographic service).


The aim of this cooperation is to promote the emergence of national and international interdisciplinary programs of greater magnitude by better responding to the need for new knowledge, new skills and their rapid transfer to companies and public players. It also aims to increase multidisciplinarity, efficiency and visibility through close-knit, agile and responsive coordination of all those involved in the issues of training and research in naval engineering (companies, public organizations, associations, etc.).

The IngéBlue Institute thus plans to respond to various calls for projects to foster cooperative proposals that bring together the strengths and capabilities of its members.

The IngéBlue Institute also aims to identify new needs in terms of skills and training and to promote their inclusion in programs.

IngéBlue operates on a collegial basis and is managed by ENSTA Bretagne.

Eric Jaeger, Deputy Director of ENSTA Bretagne and Director of IngéBlue: 

On behalf of the founding members of the IngéBlue Institute, I would like to welcome CentraleSupélec and ESTACA. We are delighted to welcome these two new members to our group, whose ambition is to bring together the multiple players and disciplines of naval engineering in training and research in order to collectively meet the needs of innovation and knowledge. IngéBlue is only a few months old and is welcomed with great enthusiasm by many players in the naval community, whether industrial, public or associative.


Ingrid Le Toutouze
Directrice de la communication
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