promotion Claudie Haigneré palmarès 2018

2018 graduation ceremony

ENSTA Bretagne
On Saturday November 24, the school celebrated the 266 members of the Class of 2018, including graduates from the general and co-op engineering programs, Master's and Advanced Master's programs, and PhD graduates working in ENSTA Bretagne’s research labs.

48th graduation ceremony

The school’s 48th graduation ceremony took place on campus and was attended by the graduates and their family and friends, as well as staff and the school’s partner organizations. The Class of 2018 was proud to welcome its namesake, Claudie Haigneré, and its sponsor, ArianeGroup CEO Alain Charmeau, to the ceremony. For ENSTA Bretagne students, the long-awaited graduation ceremony represents a culmination of their efforts. After 1 to 4 years spent on campus and abroad on international exchanges or internships, graduation is an opportunity to highlight their success and mark their entry into the professional sphere.

As in previous years, numerous awards were presented during the ceremony,

by teaching staff, partners across different sectors and representatives of the Alumni Association:  RINA, Bureau Veritas, NDAR, the ID4CAR and Mer Bretagne Atlantique competitiveness clusters, CAIETA, ArianeGroup, Thales, Naval Group and the ENSTA Bretagne Alumni Association.

remise des prix palmares 2018 par Claudie Haigneré

Award winners from the "Claudie Haigneré" Class of 2018:

  • Jérémie Labasse (Naval and Offshore Architecture major valedictorian, "diplôme d'ingénieur" program)
  • Maéva Vallée (Offshore Platform Design major valedictorian, co-op engineering program)
  • Olivier Coppin, César Hardelay, Silvina Julieta Logarzo and Sébastien Loubeyre NDAR prize winners for the best Ship Design Loop project
  • Martin Jesus Avila Torrado (Vehicle Architecture and Modeling major valedictorian, "diplôme d'ingénieur" program)
  • Amine Habib (Vehicle Architecture major valedictorian, co-op engineering program)
  • Marie Ponchart (Hydrography/Oceanography (Category A) major valedictorian, "diplôme d'ingénieur" program)
  • Clovis, a military engineer, received the CAIETA award
  • Caroline Cregut and Matthieu, a military engineer, received the ArianeGroup Ethics and Commitment award
  • Simon (military engineer and Systems, Detection, Information and Decision-Making major valedictorian, "diplôme d'ingénieur" program)
  • Allan Burguin (Embedded Systems major valedictorian, co-op engineering program)
  • Etienne Choquet (Pyrotechnic Systems major valedictorian, "diplôme d'ingénieur" program)
  • Amélie Vincent (Engineering and Business Management major valedictorian, "diplôme d'ingénieur" program)
  • Matthieu Courdier (Business Science major valedictorian, co-op engineering program)
  • Raphaël Abellan-Romita and Emilien Fournier received the ENSTA Bretagne Alumni Association Technological and International Influence award
  • Fabien Novella and Adrien Leroy received the ArianeGroup Team Spirit award

After the formalities, the festivities!

The graduation ceremony was followed by a gala reception organized by ENSTA Bretagne students at the Capucins cultural center in Brest.