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I am a professor in computer science at ENSTA-Bretagne, an engineering school located in Brest, France, where I serve as assistant head of research delegate to cyber security activities. I am also member of LabSticc , a major research laboratory in France.

My interest goes to designing CAD tools for either Reconfigurable Architectures such as FPGAs or non conventional architectures such as NASICs. I rely on pure object oriented languages such as Smalltalk to capture this domain and produce some quality software. My other interest is in cyber security and is related to designing evaluation tools dedicated to homomorphic encryption, and taking advantage of accelerated hardware (e.g reconfigurable extensions to RISC-V) to monitor systems.

  • CAD Tools for FPGA Madeo, Biniou, Drage, Argen are some innovative environments for FPGAs
  • Homomorphic Encryption schemes PAnThers is an environment that offers some evaluation facilities for homomorphic schemes
  • Smalltalk Language I rely on Visualworks & Pharo for my developments, and I'm involved in ESUG/IWST
  • Hardware support for Cyber security I'm interested in offering advanced monitoring capabilities in hardware as well as dedicated computing resources
  • Managerial responsibilities

  • From 2015 to 2017, I have served as the head of the STIC (Science, Technology, Information, Communication) department.
  • Since 2015, I jointly animate the CPER Cyber-SSI project with Frédéric Cuppens
  • Since 2017 I am the assistant to head of reseach at Ensta bretagne, in charge of cyber security
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    Région Bretagne CPER 2015-2020

    ANR ARDyT 2011-2015 (site)

    FP6 Morpheus 2008-2010 (Book)

    RNTL OSGAR 2003-2005

    ST Central R&D 1999



  • Ahcene Bounceur
  • Philippe Coussy
  • Erwan Fabiani
  • Vianney Lapotre
  • Jean-Christophe Le Lann
  • Sébastien Pillement
  • Ciprian Teodorov
  • Arnaud Tisserand
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