1)      Download a control simulation of a sailing boat with its C++ builder 5 code. Download the executable file only.

2)      A small demo to illustrate how to solve the piano mover problem with intervals. Download the associated paper. Download the PC-demo. more.

3)      Download Setdemo with its C++ builder code. Setdemo is a demo software for set estimation. This software has been developed with G. Baffet. Download the executable file only.

4)      Download a PC-demo  of the control of a sailboat with intervals. Download the associated paper .



1) Fabrication du premier prototype de SAUCI’SSE
2) Le robot Saucisse se promène dans la piscine d’Ifremer en 2008
3) Le robot Saucisse passe la porte
4) Saucisse se localise
4) Petit démo du Pan and Tilt fait avec Arunas Mazeika
5) Vidéo du concours SAUCE’08
6) Microtransat, voilier ENSIETA + Ecole navale
7) Présentation of our robot Saucisse for the competition SAUCE 2009.
8) Présentation de l’AUV Daurade (GESMA + Shom).
9) Présentation d'une mission multi-AUV
10) Spicerack (with CGG veritas)
11) Vaimos à Angers
12) Vidéo de l'avion au dessus de l'ENSTA (youtube).





Solvers and programs

1) The full C++ code of a simple set inversion problem which consists of characterizing the set defined 1≤x²+y²+xy≤2) can be downloaded (version Builder 3, version Builder 5).
2) With A. Godon, we made a 2D solver for set inversion problems 2D-solver : Chloé

3) Download
some Scilab simulation programs (pendulum, inverted pendulum, water tank, car, monocycle)
4) Download
a small Scilab program for global optimization using interval analysis.
5) Download
a solver made with Aurélien Djoutsop. This solver computes a 3D set which satisfies nonlinear inequalities.
6) Download the solvers Interval Peeler and Proj2d made with Xavier Baguenard and Massa Dao.
The solver Interval Peeler implements contractors based on interval constraint propagation
The solver Proj2d draws a 2D-projection of a set defined as a set inversion problem (i.e., inequalities).
7) Download a solver to compute optimal credible sets of an unnormalized probability density function. Download the full C++ Builder 5 code.
8) A very small example with the C++ code, for SIVIA with QT and Flex+Bison for windows. Download.
9) QUIMPER http://www.emn.fr/z-info/ibex/




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