Vaimos : Brest-Douarnenez-Brest
Olivier Ménage, Patrick Rousseau, Fabrice Le Bars, Luc Jaulin, etc.


The sailboat robot VAIMOS "Voilier Autonome Instrumenté de Mesures Océanographiques de Surface" has tried to perform a mission of more than 100 miles. between Brest and Douarnenez.
The departure date was Tuesday, January 17, 8am.
See the site associated with Vaimos:

TBO, TV report, departure of the mission

Planning of the mission

Ifremer bulletin related to this mission:

Planned mission

To see all logfiles of a mission, you should first download the Dashboard (for windows).

Presentation of the Dashboard

Download a logfile generated by the simulator two days before the mission. Our simulator uses Hardware-in-the-loop simulation.
The logfile were regularly downloaded from Vaimos toward a PC located on the boat we use for supervision (la Marloux). Note that since the mission has not started yet, the only logfile available is that of the simulator. I also posted some jpg images that show the evolution of the trip.
All the following files should be renamed into data.txt and be inserted in the dashboard folder to visualize all data with graphics.


Tuesday 10h.

Tuesday 11h.

Logfile (to be used with the dashboard). Photo.

Tuesday 16h.

Submarine coming back to Brest.

Tuesday 17h. Covered GPS distance 55km.

Cap de la chèvre.

Tuesday 21h.

Google Earth file. Covered distance 74km.

Tuesday 23h.

Google Earth file. Covered distance 85km.

Wednesday 1h.

Google Earth file.

Wednesday 3h.

Google Earth file.
At around 3am, we had a problem with a strap inside the motor of la Marloux (supervision boat). Moreover taking into account the fact that (1) the tuning of the sail is not as efficient as it used to be, (2) there exists some traffic in the Baie de Douarnenez and with the night, the survey of the mission is not easy, (3) and we have already done of 105km, we decided to take no risk and to stop the mission.