Ciprian TEODOROV is a computer science researcher in Lab-STICC Laboratory/MOCS team at ENSTA Bretagne. His main research interests are the industrialization of automata-based model-checking techniques for embedded system verification and model-driven design tools for reconfigurable system-on-chip. He leads the OBP2 Semantic Diagnosis & Formal Verification research team.

In the past he worked as EDA/CAD Software Engineer at Dolphin Integration, Meylan, France. His main responsibility was the implementation of a new, modern VHDL language infrastructure to increase standard compliance, to reduce memory consumption and to improve the simulation speed.

Ciprian TEODOROV received a PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Western Brittany, France. He was a member of the “Methods, tools for circuits and systems” (MOCS) team of Lab-STICC. His research work focused on physical-design tools for nanoscale computing architectures.

During his PhD he created R2D NASIC, a nanoscale architectural template, based on the NASIC fabric, which enables arbitrary placement and routing at nanoscale. He also designed MoNaDe, a model-driven physical-design framework. MoNade enables agile and incremental exploration of the architecture/design-tools adequacy.

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