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Renewable Marine Energies in 5 Themes: one per day


Monday 2012/07/16

8:30-12:00 - Introduction

Welcome and overall introduction (Jean-Yves Pradillon - ENSTA Bretagne ; Alexandre STEGNER - ENSTA ParisTech)

Technical and Economical Introduction (Jacques RUER - SAIPEM ; Jean-Jacques Lenorment - Région Bretagne)

14:00-17:30 - Context & Impacts

Social acceptance (Lucile Forget NEOEN)

Legal aspects (Anne Choquet - UBO/ESC)

Impacts on the ecosystems (Antoine Carlier - IFREMER)


19:00 - Les Tonnerres de Brest Maritime Festival (with DCNS Group)

Tuesday 2012/07/17

8:30-12:00 - 14:00-17:30 - Oceano-meteorological engineering

sea-states caracterisation (Christophe Maisondieu - IFREMER) 

Theoretical elements on wave power absorption (Alain Clément - ECN ; Yves-Marie Scolan - ENSTA Bretagne) 
Hydrodynamic principles of wave power extraction (Alain Clément - ECN ; Yves-Marie Scolan - ENSTA Bretagne) 
Ocean Meteorology; Predicting winds ? (Renaud Laborde - Open Ocean) 

Hydrodynamic principles of tidal turbines; Theory of the hydro turbines (Jacques-André Astolfi - Ecole Navale)

Swell energy converters : What's going on ? (Olivier Doaré - ENSTA ParisTech)

Technical tour: Visit the ENSTA Bretagne experimental facilities (mechanics)


Wednesday 2012/07/18

8:30-12:00 - 14:00-17:30 - Electrical Engineering: Handling the intermittent character of marine energy production

24 hours with Experts in RME


Hosted by ENSTA Bretagne and ENSTA ParisTech



Lecturers :

Ecole centrale de Nantes
Ecole navale
ENS Cachan (Rennes)

ENSTA Bretagne

ENSTA ParisTech


HRMC (Ireland)


IUT de Brest

MARIN (the Netherlands)
Pôle Mer Bretagne
Région Bretagne

Maritime Shanghai University




Power Conversion and Control in RME

Grid balancing

Storage of offshore energy

Social Event or technical tour


Thursday 2012/07/19

8:30-12:00 - Social Event or technical tour

14:00-17:30 - RME farms development support


Mooring the RME harnessing systems

Models testing


Friday 2012/07/20

8:30-12:00 - 14:00-15:30 - Strategy and projects

Experimental facilities: France Energies Marines

Marine energy in China

Concluding round table with DCNS, AREVA, EDF, ALSTOM, Pôle Mer Bretagne, NEOEN and France Energies Marines


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