Luc Jaulin and Fabrice Le Bars

  1. Why easibex?
  2. With C++ QT creator
  3. With Matlab

Why easibex?

Ibex is an efficient tool for contractor programming. To use the existing Ibex, it is important to have good notions on C++. Now, many researchers and engineers use high level programming languages such as Matlab or Python. The goal of easibex is thus to allow people to use contractor programming from high level programming languages. Easibex may also include Vibes in order to draw easily boxes.
Once easibex is well understood, it is more efficient and flexible to use the genuine Ibex instead.
The theory of contractor programming can be understood through the MOOC: IAMOOC.
If you like Python, another way to use easily Ibex is to use PyIbex as explained in IAMOOC.

With C++ QT creator

Easibex with C++ QT for Windows. Download all files with all examples.

Download QT-C++ for windows (it is the light QT-C++ I use).

Example 1. A simple SIVIA. Video.

Example 2. Robust static range-only localisation. Video.

Example 3. State estimation. Video

Example 4. Distributed localization of robots. Video.

Examples 1 and 2 made by Auguste Bourgeois for Linux with QT creator.

With Matlab

Easibex with Matlab. Download