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International Maritime Festival
"Les Tonnerres de Brest 2012"


Monday 16 July: RME Evening at the maritime festival "Les Tonnerres de Brest 2012"

13 to 19 July 2012: you will ENJOY it !


After HERMESS 2012 conferences, you will have the opportunity to visit the International Maritime Festival "Les Tonnerres de Brest 2012" :

> on Monday 16 July : many thanks to DCNS Group for organizing the evening with their RME teams and many local partners,

> on Wednesday 18 July : ENSTA Group evening

A festival of sailing ships for the summer of 2012

In dock or at sea, you will be immersed in a unique maritime festivaland can enjoy this lively experience until the sun is over the yardarm, bringing the authentic atmosphere of the ports of yesteryear and of today, from here and from the far side of the globe, back to life.
You will be at the heart of a real piece of maritime history.
Go aboard and experience the casting off of the big sailing ships with their sturdy masts, the manoeuvres and hoisting of sails of the selected flotillas!
Visit the ships along the quayside: survivors of marine history or flagships of military, scientific or economic technology.
Discover the villages that will roll out a festival of international maritime cultures and heritagesalong the quays! Cast anchor in the middle of numerous shows, events and concerts!

This is also the festival of a unique range of oceanracing boats.
This diversity is the honour and pride of the Brest-based event.

The international maritime festival Les Tonnerres de Brest 2012 offers you:
Five villages brought to life by the five guest-of-honour countries(Indonesia, Mexico, Morocco, Russia and Norway)
A sound and lights show, historical reconstruction of the 18thcentury
An International Fanfare Festival and music from the world's ports to liven up the quaysides
The arrival of a New York-Brest transatlantic race in multihulls during the festival,
Emblematic boats: explorers, adventurers,
Fishing, trading and scientific ships,
Military ships,
Thematic areas on the natural environment, maritime industries, developments in sea transport, scientific research,
An area for entertaining children and filling them with wonder…



"Les Tonnerres de Brest 2012" website

Program and video

In 2012 Brest will be the European capital of the sea and marime and nautical activities !




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