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Background & Objectives

The Summer School in Renewable Marine Energies is tailored for scientists, engineers and budding researchers

The program of this event, MRE2012, is a mix between a conference and a summer school. Some papers are a prospective introduction, states of the art and a round table which are usually part of scientific conferences. The other sessions have been designed as lectures.

The overall scope of themes to deal with when designing a marine energy harnessing system is really huge. This is why, MRE2012 did decide to focus only on a few topics regarded as typical from either research or industrial points of view.


The ENSTA group, group of National Colleges of Engineering in Advanced Technology, made the energy problems a core of its expertise: Offshore oil & gas exploitation, maritime transport fleets management, production of renewable energy onshore and offshore. The sea is a constant within the themes interesting the ENSTA group which made maritime engineering and naval architecture one of its other specialties.


More information on ENSTA Bretagne


More information on ENSTA ParisTech

Organised in partnership with the Brest Center of Excellence in Renewable Marine Energies :





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